The two medieval Cities on Show

On Wednesday LIVE stream we are going to hear and discuss about how the Integrated Management System has been implemented in cities and how various solutions for climate change response have developed out of the City initiatives. We will hear presentations from two European medieval cities, Turku and Siena, touching upon topics such as challenges in local climate work and concrete actions of Sustainable Development Budgeting.

Risto Veivo, Adviser to the Deputy Mayor, Environmental Affairs and Chair of Climate and Environment Coordination Group at the City of Turku, Finland. During his career, Risto has been a member of several European and Baltic Sea regional expert working groups on sustainable development and environment. He has been instrumental in the development and coordination of international sustainable development programs and projects.

The second city representative is Paolo Casprini, Director of the Environmental Policies area, from the Province of Siena in Italy. Paolo has followed for the Province of Siena several European co-funded projects on Integrated Management System and Energy. He is currently the project coordinator for the Project “Siena Carbon Free 2015” actived by Siena Province.

The LIVE steam with the city solutions will be at 11.25 (CET+1) on Wednesday 14th of December.

Picture by: City of Turku/ Esko Keski-Oja
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